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Eye Exam in Baltimore

When you visit an eye doctor, you may be coming for a routine eye examination or because you are experiencing a problem with your vision. Through performing a complete eye examination, the experienced doctors of OMNI Eye Specialists are frequently able to identify medical conditions that have an impact on your eyes. Regular eye examinations can help to identify other medical conditions in their earliest stages.

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Specialized Testing

Our board certified ophthalmologists offer a variety of tests and procedures for a thorough examination of your eyes as part of our comprehensive vision care. We run a series of specialized tests to evaluate you for the following conditions:

You can also rely on our team if you or a family member experiences any sort of eye injury. Contact us immediately if you experience eye discomfort or changes in your vision. 

Exam Duration

Complete eye exams typically last 1-1.5 hours. Your time in our office may be longer depending on your specific needs and which in-house tests may be needed. Your exam may include dilation of your pupils and your should arrange for a driver from your appointment.

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